Mnemosynch Inc. is engaged in research, development, and marketing of word puzzle games and game utilities such as word finders. We thrive to develop products that are both engaging and beneficial to game players and society. Our word puzzle games and word finders run on desktop, web, and mobile platforms. They help players broaden their vocabulary and improve skills in word games.

Featured product: iWordGuru is a highly optimized word finders and word game solver utility app that helps word game players improve their vocabulary and skills in word games. IWordGuru consists of the following elements: a Boggle solver, a Wordle solver, an anagram solver or word scramble solver (also referred to as unscrambler), a multi-word unscrambler, a Crossword aide, a spelling bee solver, a pangram finder, a letter reuse unscrambler, and a word checker.

More detailed description and screenshots can be found at this page. The app is available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.