Build’n Play Solo Word Game (Build’n Play) User Guide

Build’n Play features a simple UI to build and solo play any Scrabble-like crossword board games including but not limited to the classic Scrabble, and more modern games like Words with Friends, Words with Friends fast play, Wordfeud, Word Chums, and Word Chums Quick Play. A user may spend 2 minutes to build their favorite game, and enjoy the game forever. See the 3 minutes demo video that demonstrates how easy it is to build and play crossword board games with this app. 

Build’n Play comes with four games: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta. Each can be personalized to any scrabble-like crossword board game. This user guide will give information about how to play to game, how to find game setting information (tile letter points, bonus points, etc), and how to build your own game.