Description: eXcramble is a scramble variation word game where players progressively unscramble words of 3 to 14 letters in several tries: 2 tries for words of no more than 6 letters, 3 tries for words of 7 to 12 letters, and 4 tries for words of 13 and 14 letters.

After each try, the color of the letters will change to show progress and give hints:

  • Green: the letter is in the correct position.
  • Light orange: the letter is in a later position.
  • Dark orange: the letter is in an earlier position.

That is it — it is is a plain, simple word puzzle game that stimulates the brain and allows players learn new words. Apply your logic and word knowledge, trust your judgement, and make your tries strategically, you will be successful in this game and unscramble many words, short and long.

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Support: Email contact@mnemosynch.com if you have any requests, questions, and suggestions.