Description: iWordGuru is a mobile app that supports a set of highly optimized word Games word puzzles helper functions. Its functionality includes

1. Boggle Solver. The solver solves Boggle boards of sizes 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, and 6×6. A user selects the board size and a dictionary (), fill the board with letters, the solver will find all the words in the dictionary on the board. The results show all the words that can be found from the board. Users can see how each word can be found on the board by tapping the word. Additionally, the solver has a built-in Boggle board generator, which can be activated by typing the ‘FILL’ key in the custom keyboard for the game. For 4×4 games, the generator emulates physical Boggle games.

2. Wordle Solver. The solver gives the next guesses based on user inputs of green letters, yellow letters, and grey letters. The solver sports a score system for the selection of next guesses. Our automatic tests achieve an average of 3.8 guesses for solving a Wordle puzzle across all solution words, which can rival even the best human player.

3. Anagram Solver or word unscrambler. This highly optimized software (in terms of response time and power consumption) unscrambles all words that can be formed from up to 24 letters with ANY number of wildcards. It also supports optional pattern filters (begins with, contains, and ends with) where the pattern may contain wildcards, as well as letter filters (includes letters and excludes letters). 

 4. Multi-word unscrambler. Given the set of inputted letters, the multi-word unscrambler finds 1, 2, and 3 words that can be formed from all of the letters. A common problem with multiword unscramble is that the number of answers can easily become very large and thus not meaningful. The software addresses this issue by (1) treating each set of words as a set to reduce duplication (e.g. “WINE AND DINE” is the same as “DINE AND WINE”), (2) cutting-off results of more than 2000 answers since the answers are no longer meaningful, (3) supporting optional filters that allow users to narrow down the answers by specifying the size of words and words to be included and excluded in the answers, and (4) sorting the answers based on word usage popularity so that commonly used words appear early in the list.

5. Crossword Aide. The crossword aide is a pattern matcher where users specify a word pattern with known and unknown letters, and it gives all word options that would match the pattern. This function helps in crossword puzzles where the word pattern and some letters in the word are known. The crossword Aide supports optional pattern contains filter and letters filters (include and exclude).

6. Word Checker. The word checker checks if a word is in a dictionary. This can be used to decide if a word is a valid word in Scrabble US, Scrabble UK, and Word with Friends (ENABLE).

The apple support three dictionaries: Scrabble US, Scrabble UK, and the Enhanced North American Benchmark LExicon (ENABLE) that the Word with Friends (WWF) game is based on.

The results of Boggle solver, unscrambler, crossword aide can be sorted based on word usage (common words appears early), alphabetical order, or scrabble scores. The results of Wordle solver can be based on the suggestion score and alphabetical order. The results of multi-word unscrambler can be sorted based on word usage and alphabetical order.

 Open yourself to the iWordGuru, they will take your game to the next level.

Privacy Policy for iWordGuru

Support: Email contact@mnemosynch.com if you have any requests, questions, and suggestions.